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Hardware Printing Expert

Full Time 0 - 10 Years Experience



  • Perform press cleaning, replenishing of consumables, and replacing of filters & bottles and waste containers

  • Monitor High Frequency Service Items (HFSI’s) and perform repairs, adjustments and general maintenance procedures as necessary

  • Use diagnostics to troubleshoot and correct image quality artifacts

  • Contact and interface with press vendor support as necessary

  • Respond appropriately to fault, error, and alert messages

  • Troubleshoot problems that occur during job submission or the printing process

  • Ensure proper paper handling, conditioning and loading

  • Calibrate and linearize the system to maintain optimal color output (for digital color presses)

  • Monitor and report environmental changes that may impact equipment performance (humidity and temperature)



  • Attention to detail a must; sound organizational skills

  • Ability to read & interpret instructions, identify problems/missing information and address them proactively

  • Experience with Rips and or Image-setters

  • Experience with color production workflows with an emphasis on digital workflow

  • Knowledge of color management, color spaces and ICC color profiling

  • Knowledge of substrates and their limitations/characteristics

  • Experience with Page Description Languages or PDLs

  • Experience with multiple operating systems 

  • Basic mechanical abilities and motor skills

  • Experience operating high volume, networked print systems

  • Knowledge of various finishing operations and equipment

  • Knowledge of or experience with imposition

  • Experience with variable information workflows

  • Experience with trapping and the ability to recognize trapping issues

  • Familiarity with image editing applications supported in the production facility

  • Knowledge of preflight and file preparation

  • Familiarity with desktop applications and DFE color correction

To apply, send an e-mail to

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