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IT Supply, Consulting& Services at your workspace

SB Technology provides Information Technology solutions by supplying all hardware, software, and enterprise solutions necessary for all our clients to achieve more with less. Our company focuses on making a hassle-free working environment by offering fully integrated cloud solutions to ensure you focus on running your business, and we do the other Information Technology work for you. 



Both software and hardware solutions cover all requirements of any corporation. SB Technology offers hassle-free Software Systems, Information Technology Solutions, Printing & Scanning Solutions & Information Technology Services.

Software Systems
Printing & Scanning Services
Information Technology  Services
Information Technology Solutions

All hardware solutions provided give ease of mind for our clients to ensure all hardware failures for any of the IT-related equipment are fixable and/or replaceable. If the client is signed up to our contractual hardware service agreement, all those faulty parts are replaced for free, ensuring the highest high availability service. We usually prefer using cloud services to host our services and advise this approach as we believe this is how technology will evolve. We integrate software systems for all different industries. That intuitive well-implemented platform puts your cooperation ahead of any of the competition. Software is customized based on the client’s needs to have something useful and well organized, and integrated. Our goal is to have proper-looking and fully integrated software, and we will only provide something we would be proud of.




The company was established with one fact in mind to release the headache from companies and individuals that depend on the services offered with the goal of a better service experience that is more cost-effective and unique. The company is equipped with smart individuals that make such an experience smooth and reliable at all times. We have been working in this field for years, and all team members have experience in true customer satisfaction. The company provides high-end hardware solutions, software applications, and platforms on all types of form factors. Through our partner company Apps Index, we develop mobile applications as they have become the trend, and we built high-end solutions for many corporations worldwide. 



Our strategy is to provide world-class information technology solutions & services by fully integrating the hardware world with smart software solutions. We connect enterprise solutions and networks for your convenience.


Technology innovation is booming, and business needs to benefit from such approaches. Build your new dashboard and see how the business truly operates.   





No more waste of time and money looking for a company to ensure your IT operation. No more frustration in times you are concentrating on your core business opportunities. 

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